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Security National

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Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation, or SNAAC, is one of the many auto lenders that we work with at

SNAAC primarily only works with service members. Their primary program is designed to help soldiers that have less than perfect credit buy a car, however, they also have an Officer Program that has interest rates as low as 0%, even on a used car!

SNAAC does not automatically turn down a service member with a previous repossession, like MILES does. However, they do not like to approve service members for an auto loan if that service member has more than one repossession or if that repossession is recent.  Additionally, SNAAC does not like to do loans if the service member has past due child support.

SNAAC’s interest rates are usually between 10%-19.9% and the down payments on their loans are often between $1000-$4000.

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